Information Security

2019.03.19 Taiwan

[Job Description]

LINE is committed to user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations. Our information security team is involved from the early service planning stages, and oversees how user data is to be processed throughout the service provision to ensure that our data management practice complies with security regulations and the company’s data policy. In addition, this team is in charge of preparing and enforcing internal security policy, operating information security management systems, and conducting security awareness training to maintain the appropriate level of data governance throughout the company. 

Knowledge of information security management and personal data protection is mandatory for this position. Furthermore, to be capable of conducting privacy impact assessment and providing effective advice on the service specification, you need to have basic IT understanding. 

This position will cooperate with legal, planning, government relationship, and engineering departments. You will learn how to provide a reliable service by designing user-facing UX flows and applying security technologies. 

Privacy assessment 

Security policy enforcement 


Required Skills and Qualifications 

Preferred Skills and Qualifications