2018.10.01 Taiwan

[About this Job] 
We are looking for a senior Evangelist experienced with comprehensive technical skills in Internet application. The hire will understand our engineering culture, skills and practice, then help developers who are interested in working in LINE Taiwan to understand the job and join us.

- Plan and lead task force to host the following events
1. Academic Relations
- Maintain continuous relationship with professors
- IT related Academic Society Conferences - Sponsorship or Join Event.
- Host LINE Office Tour with task force member like PR and HR.
2. Tech Lounge
3. Job Fair
4. Internship
- Talk or presentation in event
- Engineer Recruitment Support

- Required
1. At least 3 years of hands-on software development experience with Internet Application.
2. Experience with project management and development process.
3. Experience with people management.
4. Good presentation skill and fundamental knowledge of Internet Service.
5. Ability to build relationships and work with senior leadership internally or externally.
6. Ability to demonstrate our values in an ongoing and consistent way

- Preferred 
1. Existing connection or relationship to top academic or research institutions.
2. Existing engagement with IT related conference committee.


Neihu Dist., Taipei, Taiwan