LINE FRIENDS - Store Operation Manager

2017.04.18 United States of America

LINE FRIENDS was created as sticker characters of mobile messenger LINE in 2011. 
Fun-loving LINE FRIENDS characters are available in daily life beyond its creation background of mobile. It became a global brand beloved in various fields of the world including 5,000 character products, animation, game, café, hotel and theme park.

LINE FRIENDS intends to build its character business in the US and is looking for an experienced Store Manager who enjoys working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment 
and wants to have a significant impact on top line company results. The store manager will present ownership to store operation and support the growth of the business across multiple market segments.

[Job Summary]

This person will be responsible for the overall success of the LINE retail store operation in US with deep understanding and knowledge in character and retail business, and also responsible for observing company’s regulation in all aspects and levels of business in the workplace. This position will report directly to HQ in Korea.


- Store sales Performance: Meeting and exceeding sales goals, monitoring margins and driving profitability of the store.

- Inventory Controls: Oversee of store inventory ensuring items are stocked, tagged, sized, steamed, folded and accounted for at all times.

- Compliance & Reporting: Develop, maintain and execute compliance to ensure accurate reporting including but not limited to receiving, shipping, transfers, damages, loss prevention,
                                          inventory management, warehouse management.

- Corporate Support: Maintain and ensure proper communication of information to and from HQ on all aspects of operation. Participate in weekly meetings with Ownership.

- People & Agency Management: Build a strong relationship with General Manager, Logistics Manager / Complete store operational requirements by planning, monitoring,
                                                   and appraising job result of General Manager and Logistics Manager / Lead consistent evaluation and development of in-store talent/ Issue appropriate
                                                   counseling and disciplinary action to General Manager when failing to meet the performance standards / Develop concrete relationship with HR agency /
                                                   Provide proper and accurate direction in sourcing HR / Advise HR agency how to manage store employees.

- System Control: Possess POS and SAP under control not only to find out miss transactions but to analyze data from them/ Oversee POS and SAP system and respond to errors/ 
                            Confirm with updates when necessary and practice the reports/ Process and maintain the VAN system regarding card transactions

- High Ethical Standards: Work diligently to complete one's duties keeping in mind the objectives of the business. / Review the work colleagues when necessary and provide advice or


- Bachelors degree required

- Preferably min. 3 years experience as a District Manager until a recent date and 3+ years as a Store Manager for a large volume store or in a comparable role

- Store management experience in the Time Square area / Manhattan area or revenue excess of $10M a year strongly preferred

- Fluent both in English and Korean is preferred

- Experience in new store opening is required

- Strong cultural understanding

- Proficient with Microsoft Office (Excel)

- Ability follow up and actively seek to communicate back with HQ

- Ability to communicate clearly, effectively and confidently by projecting credibility and structure

- Ability to multitask, determine key priorities and delegate

- Ability to consider long-term planning, set future goals and follow up on results

- Ability to travel domestically and internationally