Develop LINE, the global messenger, LINE games, and family apps.

Development - LINE
(Server / Client)
Develop for LINE’s high-capacity servers, server data analysis, and a wide variety of clients.
Development – Games
(Server / Client)
Develop for LINE’s globally acclaimed in-house games and create platforms to effectively manage both in-house and third-party games.
Development – Family Apps
(Server / Client)
Develop family apps related to LINE serving our users worldwide.

Manage network/database and take charge of security for the customers' safe usage of LINE services.

Design UI and characters for LINE related services, brands, and products.

UI Design
Create intuitive and sleek designs for the LINE messenger, LINE games, and all family apps.
Character Design
Create adorable original LINE characters and illustrations for use in all of LINE’s services.
Brand Design
Design eye-catching branding materials for events both offline and online, domestic and international.
Product Design
Design LINE Friends merchandise featuring LINE’s original characters.
Product Management

Plan and manage the LINE messenger, LINE games, and family apps.

Product Management and Operation
Plan, design, and manage LINE messenger and family apps from the viewpoint of users for different kinds of devices and platforms.
Game Planning
Plan LINE’s in-house games, develop and implement business strategies, and manage services.
Customer Support
Assist customers by providing accurate product and service information in a friendly and open manner.
Marketing, Sales and Business Development

Help LINE grow further through partnerships, marketing, PR, and games.

Business Development
Expand our business globally by building partnerships and strategies.
Develop and implement global marketing strategies and be the voice of LINE.
Manage press releases and host media events worldwide both online and offline.
Game Business
Source and service games published on the LINE GAME platform.
Help customers succeed in their businesses by giving advice on official accounts, sponsored stickers, LINE@, etc.
Business Support

Support other departments to keep our business on track.

Manage recruitment, HR programs, develop talents, and design ways to nurture a positive working environment.
Finance / Procurement
Manage all finance-related matters for our global offices including balance sheets, investments, and purchases.
Manage domestic and international legal matters related to our services.