Localization / Traditional Chinese / LINE services (all)

2020.01.30 Japan

■Job Introduction
Our team is seeking a Traditional Chinese localization specialist who will assist in the global expansion and development of LINE services.
This position may also be known as localizer, UX writer, linguist, etc.

In this position, you will be responsible for the localization of all LINE services including the LINE app and family services (LINE Pay, LINE Stickers, etc.)
Most of your work will be centered around UI for apps and websites (CMS).
Rather than direct translation, you will help provide translation with focus on usability in order to provide user-friendly and intuitive UIs.

- LINE app
- LINE Pay
- LINE Sticker Shop
- LINE STORE (https://store.line.me/home/)
- LINE Creators Market (https://creator.line.me/)
- LINE Official Account (https://www.linebiz.com/jp/login/)
- LINE Ads

We welcome those with the professional experience and skills required to apply.

[Job details]
- Localization from Japanese and English source texts into Traditional Chinese
- Conduct language QA (quality assurance) after localization content has been implemented into the test environment
- Help spot localization issues in already-released service content and raise tickets accordingly

You will be required to use CAT tools for the translation process, as well as help create and maintain TMs and terminology glossaries.

When naming new features, you will help provide original suggestions appropriate for Traditional Chinese rather than providing a direct translation.

[Related fields of work]
LINE and its expanding family of services cover a vast variety of areas, such as:
- Social messaging
- Electronic payments
- Finance
- Cryptocurrency
- Advertising
- Stickers
- Blockchain

[How to apply]
Please submit your resume in either Japanese or English.

- 3 or more years experience in localization (Japanese and/or English into Traditional Chinese for Taiwan)
- Experience as a linguist in IT or game localization, or in a localization service provider
- Strong communication skills with the ability to coordinate smoothly between your team and other stakeholders
- Native level competency in Traditional Chinese (Taiwan)
- JLPT N1 or equivalent competency in Japanese
- TOEIC 900 and above or equivalent competency in English

■Preferred Qualifications
- Experience in localization of commercial mobile apps, websites, internet advertising, and entertainment media such as gaming
- Experience in localization of financial services and apps
- Experience in copywriting and/or writing original content in Traditional Chinese
- Knowledge of and/or research experience in UX and usablity
- Experience using CAT tools such as SDL Trados Studio, GlobalLink, etc.
- Experience using BTS platforms such as Atlassian JIRA, Redmine, etc.
- Experience in app testing (not as an engineer but as a linguist)

[Ideal Candidate]
- Able to work flexibly with others with a strong emphasis on team work
- Able to multitask while giving equal priority to both speed and quality
- Possesses a deep understanding of Taiwanese culture
- A self-directed work ethic that gets the job done
- Uses social messaging apps (such as LINE) and keeps up to date with latest apps and services

Location: Tokyo, JAPAN
Shinjuku Office /JR SHINJUKU MIRAINA TOWER 23rd FL.,4-1-6 Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,160-0022

■Working hours
One of the followings will be applied: Discretionary labor system for professional work (Employee is deemed to have worked for 9.5 hours a day, regardless of the actual number of hours worked), Flex-time system (core time: 11:00 am–4:00 pm) or 10:00 am–6:30 pm(actual working hours 7 hr 30 min)
*To be determined after the interview process

Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays, paid leave, New Year’s holiday, congratulatory and condolence leave, "Refreshment" leave (every 5 years, employees who have been employed under a continuous contract are entitled to 10 days of paid leave)

Annual salary system (To be determined based on skills, experiences and abilities after discussions)
- Annual compensation will be divided into 12 months and paid on a monthly basis.
- Separate incentives available (*1)
- Compensation revision: twice a year
- Allowances: commuting allowance, LINE Pay Card Benefit Plan (*2)
(*1) In addition to your annual compensation, you may receive incentives (twice a year) depending on the company's and individual performance and evaluation on your performance. (Incentives are not guaranteed to be provided. An incentive payment will only be paid if you remain employed as of the payment date.
(*2) This is an allowance separate from the salary meant for employees to use for their health, personal development, support for raising the next generation, and more.

Employment insurance, workers accident compensation insurance, health insurance, employees pension insurance

- Periodic health checkup
- Company events and others

Details to be shared during interviews.