SRE (Site Reliability Engineer) [Data Science and Engineering]

2019.11.08 Japan

Location: Tokyo, JAPAN

Shinjuku Office /JR SHINJUKU MIRAINA TOWER 23rd FL.,4-1-6 Shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,160-0022

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Job Introduction

[Our Missions]

LINE Corp is a provider of its renowned messaging service and also a wide-range of services to our hundreds of millions of users.Large amount of data is generated every second in these diverse services, which are leveraged in multiple fronts to improve the quality of our services. As a Data Product Engineer, you will lead the process of understanding the needs of internal users and services, processing data that is relevant to each requester, and storing them in appropriate locations. Data produced by a Data Product Engineer will serve as critical insight for planners, data scientists, analysts and decision makers within LINE to deliver better-quality services.

[About the Team]

Members of this team are expected to communicate and work closely with various departments, including service planner, developers, data engineers, Hadoop engineers, and data scientists. This team also communicates frequently with colleagues in both domestic and overseas offices. The team consists of members with different nationalities where communication is mainly in Japanese with occasional use of English. As with other departments, English is used in documentations and chat applications.


・Design schema based on a good understanding of data and internal user needs.

・Generate intermediate data from a large volume of data flowing into Hadoop clusters and service them to planners, decision makers, data scientists, and analysts.

・Work closely with data engineers, data scientists, analysts, and planners.

・Work closely with service-side engineers to gain better understanding and insight on data.

・Create and provide dashboards leveraging Business Intelligence tools, such as Tableau.

・Example task: Build and provide data frequently used for Machine Learning and analytics. Consult with data engineers and service team members to get source data, and reflect feedback from data scientists to improve data quality.

[Current Product Phase/Exciting Challenges/Opportunities]

Massive data is accumulated via multiple sources across different services and channels, however the accumulated data is inefficient to be leveraged as is. This team takes massive data and converts them to more efficient and accessible data that ultimately leads to improving the service quality on the LINE platform.

[Tools/Development Environments]

Development Environment - IntelliJ/Github/Jenkins/Ansible

Programming Language - Java/Python/SQL

BI Tool - Tableau

Hadoop Ecosystem - Hive/HBase/Spark/Hue

OS - Linux/macOS


・Strong interests in data production

・Experience with SQL and Python

・Experience with Hive, Presto, Spark, etc.

・Experience with data processing and BI tools

・Ability to recognize user needs and generate relevant data based on the feedback from users

・Knowledge of code versioning tools, such as Git

・Business-level Japanese

[Preferred Experience/Skills]

・Basic knowledge of analyzing large-scale database and data set

・Experience with data science or in working with team related to data science

・Basic knowledge of building data pipeline using Kafka, Spark, Flume, etc.

・Good understanding of how different web technologies (such as HTTP, API, DB, front-end, and back-end) interact with each other in a single application

・Experience with Linux environment

・Experience in software development using Java, Scala, Python, etc.

[Ideal Candidate]

・Strong interest in data production

・Drive tasks by communicating proactively, demonstrating good understanding of relationship between service and data, and considering user-friendliness and impact of data structure from the user's perspective.


- Performance-based

- Commuting Expenses / Fully Covered

- Five-day Workweek / Saturday & Sunday


- Health Insurance

- Employment Insurance

- Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

- Employee Pension


- Paid Annual Leave

- Holidays

- New Years

- Wedding Leave

- Bereavement Leave

- Free Annual Medical Checkups

- Free Breakfast

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