Python Engineer (Security Center)

2019.11.08 Japan

Location: Tokyo, JAPAN


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Job Introduction

Development of security testing automation tools, both original, and integration of existing tools and APIs.
Development of Web frontends and dashboards for security tools, with the goal of integrating security testing into LINE's development

<Tools development>
- develop original tools for Web and mobile application security testing
- develop Python wrappers for existing tools and libraries
- research, customize, deploy, and contribute to OSS security testing tools

<Web app development>
- design, develop, and deploy Web-based internal tools and dashboards
- utilize latest frameworks for rapid deployment and reduced maintenance cost
- integrate with existing enterprise development and communication tools such as JIRA, Confluence, and Slack
- integrate with data processing and analysis pipelines using Kafka, Elasticsearch, and Kibana
- design and deploy REST APIs to allow integration with other systems 

Responsibilities include:
- development and continuous improvements of security tools, focusing on scalability and ease-of-use
- working closely with LINE security teams to improve security testing efficiency and automation
- working with development teams across the company in order to integrate security into the development lifecycle

Technologies Used
- Python, Django, MySQL, JIRA
- Angular, Vue.js, JavaScript, TypeScript
- Java, Spring Boot, Kafka, Spark Stream, Hadoop, Hive, Elasticsearch


- Python development experience
- Web app development experience using either Django, Flask, or Bottle
- Ability to design, develop and document complex, distributed systems
- Willingness to learn new technologies
- Writes readable, clean, DRY code
- Familiarity with automated deployment and continuous integration
- Fundamental knowledge of memory, processes, threads, and their relation to distributed programming
- Understanding of modern Web protocols (WebSockets, QUIC, HTTP/2), databases, and SQL

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience developing Web applications frontends using Angular or Vue.js
- Actively maintained OSS projects or other OSS community involvement
- Experience with development, deployment, and operation of large-scale Web systems
- Web or mobile application security testing experience; bug bounty participation
- Back-end development experience using modern Java and related frameworks
- Distributed data processing experience
- Web PKI and encryption experience

<Language skills>
Ability to communicate in English or Japanese. Clear technical writing is a plus.


- Performance-based

- Commuting Expenses / Fully Covered

- Five-day Workweek / Saturday & Sunday


- Health Insurance

- Employment Insurance

- Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

- Employee Pension


- Paid Annual Leave

- Holidays

- New Years

- Wedding Leave

- Bereavement Leave

- Free Annual Medical Checkups

- Free Breakfast

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