Front End Engineer

2020.05.25 Taiwan

[Job Description]

We are looking for bright, creative, self-starting engineers with broad experience developing and optimizing UX/UI for web application.

LINE provide not only instant message service but also an comprehensive platform allowing developer to create any kinds of application focus on mobile experience. Based on the same platform, LINE developers also create many other popular services. The LINE Taiwan developer team is in charge application development and operation, developer can approach a variety of new businesses in LINE and experience with system analysis, design, development and operation for a world-class service.

Taiwan developer also has chance to work with platform team in Japan/Korea to create new features for local market or even create another global product. We start from Taiwan and target to global market, as subgroup of LINE global developer we get trust and respect from peers and management team then contribute ourselves to LINE and users.



1. Participate product/application development life cycle, including planning, analysis, design, implementation and maintenance, focus on UX/UI design both for PC and mobile.
2. Implementing a front end for web applications with HTML/CSS/JavaScript according to demands from designers and planners
3. Creating mockups and prototypes, verifying the output
4. Proposing and designing UI with consideration of UX
5. Write technical specifications based on conceptual design, business/technical requirements.
6. Support short-term project like event or campaign to create campaign page or EDM.
7. Researching and developing new web technologies
8. Improving performance and maintaining products with high quality
9. Implementing UI components and libraries
10. System design and documentation

Required Skills and Qualifications
1. Expert knowledge of HTML/CSS/DOM/JavaScript
2. Experience designing, developing and abstracting user interface elements and classes.
3. Ability to work independently with HTML5, CSS3
4. Experience developing PC/Smartphone web applications (3+years)
5. Experience developing SPA (Single-page Applications)
6. Fundamental knowledge of accessibility and usability
7. Knowledge of CSS Preprocessors
8. Experience prototyping tools like in Balsamiq, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

Skills and Qualifications
1. Experience using tools for build and task runners (CI - continuous integration )
2. Experience developing native iOS, Android applications
3. Experience developing applications with server-side languages such as Java, Perl
4. Familiarity with libraries such as Bootstrap, jQuery, Highcharts, etc.
5. Contribution to OSS projects and communities
6. Preferred knowledge of web performance technology.
7. Experience in understanding large and complex code bases.
8. Typically requires BSCS degree and 5+ years of directly related experience, or MSCS and 3+ years.