Brand Design

2017.11.01 Thailand

LINE Thailand is looking for a special designer

Brand Designer



- LINE Thailands new service brand identity design

- LINE Thailand’s marketing guideline design

- LINE Thailands Online/Offline marketing design

- LINE Thailands Offline Event design 

[Required Qualifications]

- 5+ years of experience in brand design

- Designer capable of bringing in differentiated and innovated ideas

- Designer capable of direct design output without specifications

- Designer capable of meeting tight deadlines without fail

- Communication in English with marketers and relevant team members required

[Preferred Qualifications]

- Experienced in brand design or advertising design

*Apply by attaching files or URL, and clearly mark the parts of your contribution of your portfolio

  (Excluding projects that have less than 50% of your contribution)


- Empire Tower, Sathorn, Bangkok

[Working Hours]  

- 09:00 ~ 18:00 

[Employment Type]

- Full-time

[How to Apply]

Submit your portfolio and CV with photo in English to the e-mail address below:


[Recruitment Period]

2017.06.19 – 2017.07.21



[About LINE]

Global messenger LINE is serviced all over the world in more than 230 countries such as Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the USA.

Even in this moment, LINE Thailand's creators are pouring passion and giving intense considerations in order to supply Thailand's innumerable LINE users an exciting, wonderful experience that has the potential to become 'something special'.

It is unfortunate that LINE's Thailand designer position is an infrequent job opening as it is a difficult role that requires high quality professionalism and responsibility towards Thailand users but we will wait with same anticipation as the special designers’ who cherish this opportunity with courage, determination, and challenging mindset.


Introducing LINE Creative Center!


Introducing LINE Thailand!