Devops Engineer

2020.01.09 Thailand

DEVOPS Engineer 

As DEVOPS Engineer is our “Guardian" who also support our system to work as usual and no problem. Including help our team to implement the program smoothly and swiftly. Hope to see you soon at our office :)

 Maintain and scale our products and services to hundreds of millions of users from Thailand and around the world
 Monitor and maintain the health and availability of our production services in order to prevent outage and issues
 Manage our continuous integration and continuous delivery platform, all the way from development to production 
 Automate various provisioning, maintenance tasks using scripts and automation tools
 Participate in our cross functional product development teams and handle devops tasks in products
 Help improve overall team productivity relating to development, testing, deployment
 Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration
• Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies and cloud services (experience with AWS is a plus)
• Strong grasp of automation tools
• A working understanding of scripting (Bash, Ruby, Python etc)
• Knowledge and experience working with docker in at least development environment
• Experience working with docker in production is a plus
• Experience with Postgresql or MySQL is a plus
• Knowledge of best practices and IT operations in Always-Available and highly-scalable services
LINE Head Office, Gaysorn Tower, Bangkok